Portis lets people use your dApp instantly

Our secure, open-source Javascript SDK runs right in the browser, meaning your users don't need to install anything to start using your dApp.

Why Portis?

We believe that using Ethereum dApps should be a simple experience.


Allow anyone to start using your dApp in seconds, just as they would connect to any other cloud-based service.


Your users' instructions will be transmitted in a secure, consistent and tamper-proof manner to the Ethereum blockchain.

Dev Friendly

We created Portis according to Ethereum's web3.js API. That means that you only need to import the Portis SDK into your dApp and you’re good to go. We take care of the rest.

Cross platform

Portis doesn't require users to install anything and since it is JavaScript based it runs on any platform.

Cross device

Introducing GaaS - Gateway as a Service.
Portis offers users a gateway to the Ethereum network using the same account on all their different devices.


Track your users' transaction history - gain valuable insight into their behaviour, without requiring any additional setup on your end.

Using dApps today is HARD

Decentralized applications (dApps) hold tremendous potential for paradigm-shifting services.

Simply signing transactions costs next to nothing, yet even Ethereum's miniscule fees pose a huge barrier for the average user, because of the required preliminary setup.

As long as the experience of using dApps remains difficult and overly-complicated, users will not adopt them.

Portis simplifies dApps

Portis simplifies dApps

Powered by Portis

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End-to-end encryption

When registering a Portis account, users create a wallet, which is immediately encrypted client-side with the user-selected password (using AES-GCM). This password never leaves their device.

The Portis servers safeguard only user-encrypted wallets, so users can rest assured nobody but them can access their wallets or sign any transactions without their consent.

To sign a transaction, users fetch their encrypted private key stored on the Portis servers, decrypt it with the password known only to them, and then relay the signed transaction through the Portis server to the Ethereum network.

We handle security concerns regarding authentication and transactions so you can focus on building your dApp.

The Portis user experience

There’s a big difference between making a simple product & making a product simple.

Des Traynor

Runs everywhere

No installation required. The Portis JavaScript SDK runs on any modern browser, including mobile.

Signup in seconds

A familiar webapp registration process means people can start using your dApp in just a few clicks.

One-Click transactions

Communicating with the Ethereum network is no longer intimidating. Users are greeted with a clear and friendly dialog.

Ready to go live with Portis?

With one line of code you can offer your users a simple way to sign transactions - straight from a web app!